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Beta Draconis

even the faintest stars shine brightly

Rabastan Lestrange
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Name: Rabastan Algernon Lestrange
Gender: Male
Birthdate: September 22, 1959
Astrology: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, Scorpio Ascendant
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Bloodline: Pure-- did you not see his name?
Residence: Born and raised in Cornwall, which he will always consider "home", though he officially resided in Provence, France, for three years. His current residence was a gift from his brother: a humble yet dignified rowhouse on Belgrave Place in London.

Hair: Dark brown, kept short.
Eyes: Dark blue.
Complexion: Fair, though has had a habit of burning-then-tanning-slightly during Quidditch season
Build: 5’10”; 145 lbs/65 kgs; somewhat wiry
Manner of Dress: Rabastan does not spend a great deal of time perfecting his looks, but just tries to have something clean and presentable on. He greatly prefers wizards’ robes to Muggle clothes or the bastardized Muggle-Wizard fashion that many of his peers sport. Aside from a traditional bent, he knows not to trust his own fashion taste and tends to rely on the recommendation of others. Since January of 1978 he has taken to long sleeves almost exclusively.
Distinguishing Features: Only small scar on his right cheek-bone from a time when Rodolphus threw a fit and sent his book flying across the nursery-- Rabastan's father made an effort to have any marks treated immediately so as to not leave scars to be distinguishing. From under hooded robes and a mask, Rabastan is only recognisable from his unusual eye color and his accent, which betrays his French heritage ever-so-slightly over a quite strong posh accent. He is also graced with a vivid red image of the Dark Mark on his left forearm, which is often covered.

House: Slytherin
Year: Graduated spring of 1978
Wand: Lime with Willow handle, 9 inches, Dragon’s Heartstring Core
Wand Wood: LIME TREE (the Doubt) - accepts what life dishes out in a composed way, hates fighting, stress, and labor, dislikes laziness and idleness, soft and relenting, makes sacrifices for friends, many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom, often wailing and complaining, very jealous but loyal.
WILLOW (the Melancholy) - beautiful but full of melancholy, attractive, very empathetic, loves anything beautiful and tasteful, loves to travel, dreamer, restless, capricious, honest, can be influenced but is not easy to live with, demanding, good intuition, suffers in love but finds sometimes an anchoring partner.
Best Subject: Charms. Charmwork has come as something of a natural talent to Rabastan, as has most wandwork. He attributes this to strong magical blood, and inherited talent that missed his brother, though his ability to focus his thoughts and energy has a large influence in this.
NEWT Student in: Charms, Transfiguration, Defense, History
Worst OWL: Divination. Rabastan found Divination wishy-washy and was happy to drop it, leaving prophecy-making to other wizards. He took it because it wasn't Runes (which Sirius was in), Arithmancy (which Rodolphus excelled in), or Muggle Studies (which... obviously not).
Occupation: Death Eater. Officially, Rabastan helps manage his family's estate and is considering offering himself for hire as a tutor, but would be reluctant to take a position that would detract from his main mission of serving the Dark Lord.

Name Meaning: Rabastan (pronounced Ra-BAS-tan) is related to Rastaban, an Arabic phrase meaning "the serpent's head"— a name of Beta Draconis, one of the stars in the constellation Draco that is visible in Earth's night sky but relatively dim. His middle name is a family name often given to second sons; the last Algernon Lestrange died in 1945 on the Continent fighting for the Greater Good.
Likes: freedom to pursue his own interests, observing peers, relaxed social situations, family, England, Quidditch
Dislikes: generalizations about the Lestrange family, assumptions that he follows or mimics without thinking for himself, irrationality, rudeness, being brushed off, filth, bad luck, chaos
Fears: disappointment or disapproval from the Dark Lord, the same from his brother or father, stupid people/Muggles in large groups, losing his mother or Narcissa, being useless
Personality Keywords: pragmatic, private, polite, observant, friendly, serious
Patronus: Chough
Myers-Briggs Type: ESTJ — assertive, practical, rational, loyal, opinionated and decisive, outgoing, traditional, conservative, valuing family, tradition, heritage, and service—with developed F: good at reading others; desire to be liked; will reflect ethical system of upbringing

Slytherin Virgos: While these Slytherins might not be the most outgoing of their class, they are often among the most wise, and their canny observation and lightning-fast analysis of any given situation will take them far. Often behind that quiet mien hides the mind of a big dreamer, who had both the imagination to come up with a concept and the power to follow it through. These Slytherins are an interesting mix of politeness and politics, pragmatism and intuition. They make good alchemists, Ministry bureaucrats (well, somebody's got to do it), and academic advisors. They are often underestimated. This is most unwise.

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus: This is an earthly combination that gives a good dose of common sense, practicality, and utilitarianism. Basically, you are a worker and a servant of others. Your constant preoccupation with detail makes you a very careful worker, especially in those tasks requiring exactitude and observation. With the practicality of Virgo, necessary tasks are enjoyed and not avoided, and the mutable nature of this sign means you are adaptable and enjoy change of detail in your work. As long as other people do not violate your privacy too casually and without invitation, you are happy. In sexual matters you have a tendency to be cool and reserved. You pay exaggerated attention to detail, which could lead to criticism from others. If, however, you inhibit your natural traits, irritability and nervousness may result. Your feelings and your acts are not contradictory. You appear as a working person who can be trusted and who is reliable, careful, and pleasant. In your relations with others there is a slight tendency to be overly possessive. You have the basic potential to be successful in life. Because you are a very earthly person, the key for a better integration of your being would be to force yourself to take some interest in activities that are not directly related to earning a livelihood.

Scorpio Ascendant: Your life will be marked by your shrewd, secretive, obstinate, clever, and reserved disposition. You remain an enigma: with these traits, your life events could be either very tragic or very fortunate…
You are a person of extremes... between the positive and negative poles-those of affirming and satisfying or rejecting and repressing. You are very intense in your feelings and remain passionately attached to the person you love. Similarly, when you dislike someone you are very fixed in that feeling. However, there is room for optimism in that…
Your life will be geared to the attainment of prestigious positions in the world. Your temperament is that of an ambitious person who can blaze for himself a path of individual realization…

Friends: Rabastan is on good terms with most of his housemates and a few others. He often keeps to Slytherins, not because they are his house but because they’re more likely to be respectable and of the Right Kind of families. He is slow to trust others and constantly looks for what may be their ulterior motive, so this makes gaining true friends a process, though he tries to be friendly with those that he finds tolerable. He considers Narcissa Malfoy, neé Black, to be his best friend and the person he can most trust. The others on this short list of trust (outside his immediate family) include the duo of Evan Rosier and Darren Avery, and Regulus Black and Barty Crouch, Jr., a year below Rabastan.
Enemies: While there are many whom he would rather ignore or wholly disapproves of, Rabastan does not quickly classify people as enemies. However, not unique among the Slytherins, he has a special spot in his heart for Sirius Black, who was a close friend in their first year and then decided to hate all Slytherin house and the elite pureblood society, and James Potter, the arrogant bloodtraitor whom Rabastan views as responsible for that change. He would never have believed it possible, but recently he's developed a more passionate hatred: for one Frank Longbottom, a fourth-cousin bloodtraitor Auror who seems to have a vendetta against the Lestranges.
Significant Other: None. He is still mourning his late girlfriend Viola Elliot, who died suddenly after exactly three months of dating. Rabastan blames himself and is not interested in relationships for the time being. He has feelings for Narcissa and has recently learned that they are reciprocated, but has prudently put a stop to any further entangling physical involvement.
Pets: Rabastan has had a reliable owl, Pierre, since a trip to Diagon before first year. The summer after Hogwarts, a friendly unspoken-for dog had become a regular visitor to the house at Belgrave, and though not officially Rabastan's pet, the man took to feeding it and has named him Cheleb. The dog has a curious resemblance to a former friend, which Rabastan tries not to think on, especially after the dog also deserted him. The house was far from empty, though, as Rodolphus had given Rabastan two puppy Irish Wolfhounds for his birthday, now named Ezra and Ophelia.

Family is no light concern to Rabastan. He has a startling amount of respect for his parents, brother, and sister-in-law, and takes what they say as authoritative. While rarely incensed or defensive, he can be protective of his immediate family and his name. As a pureblood, his extended concept of family includes nearly all those he considers appropriate company, and his care for Wizarding society is somewhat drawn from a care for this extended family.
Parents: Theodore and Angelique Lestrange, who relocated from the family manor in Cornwall in1975 to live year-round in their villa in Provence, at the request of Angelique (neé du Pontier). Rabastan has more respect for his father, but has always been closer to his mother.
Siblings: One brother, Rodolphus, six years his senior. Rabastan strongly looks up to Rodolphus, though he does not always fully understand him, and finds his brother's silver-tongued way with words frustrating at times. Only very recently has their relationship developed into one with more mutual respect; along with this, Rabastan has only very recently considered that his brother is not at all perfect. He is not terribly close to Rodolphus' wife Bellatrix and finds her puzzling as a woman, but but cares for her and has immense respect and gratitude for her work as a Death Eater. He sees Bellatrix as immediate family in theory, but has felt much more fraternal devotion to her sister Narcissa.

Rabastan was born in 1959 to become the second child in the already-well-established Lestrange family. His father, though having no official occupation, was occupied for much of Rabastan’s childhood, spending a great deal of time with his former Hogwarts classmates. While delegating to a nurse and a family house-elf to raise him as a small child, Mrs. Lestrange employed the combination of a tutor and her own education and experience to teach her sons everything she could before he entered Hogwarts: penmanship, etiquette, and French to communicate, Latin, Greek, and history to understand, and music, dancing, riding, and flying to entertain. These studies were not to enhance intellectualism in its own right, but to hone the skills needed to charm and impress the Right People.

Rabastan has one sibling, a brother six years his elder, Rodolphus. The brothers were distant enough in age to not constantly bicker: the younger was only five when his brother left for Hogwarts, and entered the school when his brother started his seventh year. His memories together at home are limited to hazy early childhood and holidays, and at school simply the one year. Instead of fighting over toys, Rabastan always saw his brother as a somewhat intangible figure, drifting between an obstacle and a protection. The benefit to not being the Lestrange heir, of course, was the extra freedom and slightly lower expectations given to Rabastan, but most of what the younger sibling saw was a high standard being set for him by Rodolphus.

The Lestranges gave serious consideration to Rabastan’s suggestion that he attend Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts. The boy hoped to find a school where the instructors would not all call him Rodolphus out of senility. Mr. Lestrange, not approving of Dumbledore as Headmaster, saw Durmstrang as a school to better instruct his son in the Dark Arts. Rodolphus, however, persuaded them all to agree on Hogwarts, though Rabastan was never sure what the argument was.

At his sorting Rabastan secretly wished to be placed in Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin, to get something of a fresh start, but the Sorting Hat realized this plea as further evidence of the boy’s ambition and placed him accordingly. Rabastan indeed did well in Slytherin, not having the same social flair as his brother, but learning a great deal about magic and the world that revolved around it.

At first, Rabastan spent a good deal of his time with one Sirius Black, a Gryffindor who he agreed had been mis-sorted, but as Sirius grew closer to his own housemates, his visits to the dungeons become less frequent and Rabastan turned to his fellow Slytherins. As third year started up and it was clear that Sirius was lost to him, Rabastan's situation and age combined to make him sullen and irritable. He grew a bit closer to the other Slytherins of his year, and a few the year below, and in fourth year began to see Narcissa as a friend instead of an annoying girl. It took him a couple of years to fully trust a number of those who he would eventually be closest to, as they often seemed insincere to the young boy, but it was better than being morose and alone. In fourth year, he tried also out for Slytherin’s open keeper position and made it, and this helped to break him out of his shell and become the outgoing mediator he has become.

The summer after Rabastan’s fourth year, his brother came into inheritance and moved with his wife Bellatrix to the Lestranges’ manor at Tor Delorage. Rabastan and his parents relocated to their summer villa in Southern France, where he spends his holidays. He spent his last two Christmas holidays from school at the manor with his brother and sister-in-law.

Rabastan enjoyed most of his time at Hogwarts in Slytherin and did his best to take advantage of the relatively sheltered, relatively friendly community. Knowing that his father, brother, and sister-in-law were all involved in something greater that risks their lives, Rabastan lived torn between using Hogwarts to make contacts and learn and prepare, and having fun while he had the freedom to. He did his best in Quidditch, first as Keeper and then as Captain as well, always trying to enjoy the sport and not worry about living up to his brother's record. He tried, by assessing where he needed to work hard, where to get help, and where he was fine, to do best on his OWLs and was happy with the results. He took NEWT-level Charms, Transfiguration, Defense, and History. The first three he regards as essential and useful skills to hone as a wizard, and he considers history to be helpful in appreciating magical society, though Binns’s lectures were never as helpful as the reading.

The summer after his sixth year, Rabastan finally began being treated as an adult by his family. He spent most of the summer in Cornwall, under the tutelege of his brother and the occasional training from his sister-in-law. During that time the signs of growing conflict grew clearer and clearer as he watched his family. Immediately after the Death Eaters attacked the Evanses in the fall and announced themselves publicly, Rabastan began to demand concrete information. He was finally summoned to the Dark Lord's presence in January of 1978 and received his Dark Mark. Since that day, he gave his primary concern in his last months at Hogwarts to recruiting fellow students and keeping an eye on potential enemies. In the early spring he began meeting with Ravenclaw Viola Eliott regularly and made things official in May.

Now that he has finished his education, Rabastan lives what appears to be a quiet life, managing family estates, and, at first, spending many an evening with Viola Eliott, but is in fact weighing duties and obligations constantly. With a lack of an heir from Rodolphus, Rabastan has begun to feel pressure to marry soon and guarantee that the line does not end. He was seriously considering a long term commitment to Viola, but on their three-month anniversary, after reacting poorly to learning that she was dating a Death Eater, Viola stumbled to her death. Now, he has every intention of becoming one of the best, most loyal, and most reliable Death Eaters and winning the favor of the Dark Lord, and has little interest in anything else.
codes by Zazaone This LJ is a character journal for marauder_elite, a subsidiary of hogwarts_elite. All characters and world owned by J.K. Rowling. Rabastan is played by Alex Beck, who is owned by himself and some agencies.
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